Rosh Ha’Shona–means new yearly moon—this is my prayer
this year:


  The Mind of the All contains it’s heart which contains Divine Love.  Breathe it in, people of the earth—today you can start
again, as you can any day of the year, and so why not this one, where the calender of Abraham pinpoints the stars at this most pivotal time in our evolution toward perfection?  You will be joining with like minds all
around the world this day who are doing the exact same thing as you—you will
be in agreement with them at the exact same synchronized points, while riding on a turning sphere whirling
in time and the eloquent elegance of space.  

May You have a good year this year!  May your every prayer that does not
mean harm for someone else come true! 
May you find Peace and Forgiveness and may you grant it to others!  Happy New Year World!

This Ramadan as well as Rosh Hashanna I prayed (meditated)
that I would be brave enough, to feel no fear of evil.  To let no evil thought enter my sphere


It was so hard not to cast the evil eye this year, but I
believe I have found a way.  The
more I repent for my errors, the more I can rewire my thoughts.  I beg forgiveness from people I have
harmed this year with my big mouth. 
I find it hard to remain silent at times, because I have such a need to
verbally attack others at this time per year before an election.   I have held my tongue as much as
I can, but I cannot remain silent on this rosh hashanna.  I am so proud of the Israeli actors who
have stepped forward to show the world that we know we have done wrong and that
we must take steps to correct our sins this year.  May the Jewish People come forward from all corners of the
world today and ask Bibi to resign, and to allow me, Roseanne Barr to assume
rule in Israel.  I am a Cohen and
from the House of David, in other words, I am a real Jewish person who carries
the memory of a family murdered and buried alive in Aborniki Lithuania by the
Nazis.  I know how to make peace in
Israel and every where else on earth, including in the usa…pay the people for
the land you take, a fair price, and stop just stealing it and killing
them.  If you are so stupid as to
believe that type of behavior is going to get you anything but hated worse,
then you are so damaged by hate that you cannot exist on this planet, another
second– go, brother, die die in peace please, G-d!  Remove the Haters on both sides this year!  Leave it to the world’s grandmothers to
broker a fair peace together.  I
love both peoples they all look like my own grandchildren, no matter where you
are forcing some stupid boundary somewhere.  Can’t you guys get over your little weiner war thing
now?  I pray to all Gods to step
forth and reveal your love or cease to be in our minds anymore.  I banish all useless gods this year,
inside me.  I will have no other
Gods before the G-d of Reason and Truth. 
B’aruch Hashem.


what is the most important thing besides breath?  This: Equal to the energy of the
rolling planets surrounding you moving at the speed of Light, in perfect
synchronated intelligent design and order from Chaos is how much energy of Love Hashem has for those who love truth and peace!  (this from the prayer book of my
childhood, when artists and poets wrote liturgy).


 Thank you,
Israeli actors who have stood against a Goliath of Negativity!  King Davids all of you, so brave! Thank
you for saving the soul of the Jewish people, Thank you I love you and I am so
very proud of you!  May peace
prevail on this earth, may it first exist between one Jew to another.  Long live the people of Israel…all of
us, our cousins, our friends, the Palestinians, all who have one Father who
unites us, Abraham.  For Ramadan
and for Rosh Hashannah this year, I say to all the children of Abraham Isaac
and Jacob, Ruben, Ishmael, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, Buddha , and Isis, all of You
whose 72 names we call on, and including the good wishes of those whom do not call out to any Gods, in short, all who have a
sense of goodness and a longing for peace, which is the real CHANGE we seek.

      May the peace of the Power of All
Divine Love that exists everywhere descend on righteous hearts everywhere this
year, and heal them.  May we find a
way to unite in order to do the work that needs to be done in order for our
kind to continue to exist on this earth, for the web of Life and all within it,
for the Earth, that which is beneath our feet and sustains us.  May we find a way to unite in order to
save our mother the earth.  May G-d
help us all!  I feel only love for
my fellow man and my sister women and all the children on earth who are forced
to suffer so that someone makes money in order to buy the work of slaves.   We are back in slavery again, but
this year we can break free of all previous programming, that got our ass into
this dangerous place that we are indeed in, a precarious place, where balance
must be shifted in order to save the entire world.  Solomon said. ..”Don’t cut the baby in half, let it go to the one who
cares most for its life.”  I say no
one on earth cares more about the soul of the jewish people than a jewish
grandmother, me.  I obviously care
the most because I am saying what needs to be said to the people at the top of
aipac and shell oil and its Saudi subsidiaries!:  NO MORE SETTLEMENTS NO MORE EMBARGO!  PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES A DECENT WAGE, JEWS!
And Muslims too, and Christians, FOR CHRIST’S SAKES!!! LET IT GO!!  LET IT ALL GO AND MOVE TO THE
!  NO MORE WARS!  LET IT GO!  God is smarter than the Jews!  Let G-d have this day to make peace, and if he cannot do it,
then let’s get ourselves a better G-d to believe in!  We can have our God be any way we want Him or Her to be, and
that is what Abraham told all of you! 
So get out there and do it!!! 
Bring Peace or Bring more war! 
We see who you are now!  We
know which of you owns what!  You
need to change your selfish behaviors right now, hon!! 

 Jews must  start to pay fair real estate prices, you fucking
bastards!  Pay fair, to get fair,
for christsakes— what is wrong with all you masons?  Are there no more righteous men upon this earth?  No, there are not, and so I offer
myself.  Within one year I will
bring peace because there is already a road to it just go back onto the right
road to the camp david accords. 
Thank you Jimmy Carter!  I
accept your apology on behalf of the jewish people to whom you offered it.  Jews can either accept an apology at
this time of year or refuse it.  On
behalf of all the jews I will accept your apologies.  Tell Hillary and Bill to do the right thing, and then may
she instruct Obama on how he can proceed to camp david and bring me along, and hey let’s bring Hamas, too.  I know how to make peace and I will
demand it of Obama or Hillary,and Hamas and Netanyisroel and they will do it or get the Jewish Woman Evil
Eye, the most powerful thing on this planet.   You do not want to tempt the evil eye of an old jewish
woman if you know what’s good for you, world! 

Don’t fucking push it, I see all three sides. Don’t Push
me.  Trust me.  Anyway, G-d, please forgive me for my sin of pride.