Satan's hordes: Be warned–I am on to you!

Here’s the rundown–the pentagon did not investigate all the downloaded child porn by it’s employees because–as I said in my campaign speech for President of the US/Prime Minister of Israel–the twin towers of patriarchy are warmongering and pedophilia. 

 Vote for me, and I will make sure the guilty are arrested, tried in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor (as now) and when found guilty, marched to the guillotine and put to a swift and painless death.  Warmongering and Pedophilia are Capital Crimes under Roseannearchy.  If the gangster/pedo rapist is under the age of eighteen, he or she will be interred in a re-education camp for a period of two years where he or she will be taught the truth of things, and the warmongering pedophilic religious programming will be removed from their minds.  They will get a second chance, but will be executed if they re-offend.  
 The switch to Roseannearchy will cost not a dime, I will utilize the systems in place already, as I have stated—I will instruct our strong army to search out the guilty (those sitting atop every ponzi scheme on earth) instead of the helpless civilian, and to imprison the guilty in our many many prisons (instead of the non violent drug users, the poor, and the innocent who are imprisoned in them now).  My church, the Church of Common Sense requires that all things start to work for the Common Good, instead of the Good of a Few at the expense of the Many.  Elect  Me! 
   I will bring peace to Israel/Palestine within one year simply by paying the Palestinians for their lands, instead of just stealing it and killing them.  This way I will save Israel billions of dollars that it can then use to pay the Palestinians(it’s workforce) decent wages.  I will put the Pal back into Palestinian.  
  The cornerstone of my campaign is the outlawing of all Bullshit, to be replaced with Fact and Data…therefore there will be no more religion allowed on earth, unless it is private and in the human heart only.  It will be illegal to parade your spiritual beliefs around town like whores on the street for sale.  
 Thank you for your time.