race war during katrina—neighbor against neighbor brother against brother


  When I first tried to help in New Orleans, after Katrina, by joining with Acorn to create jobs and to rebuild damaged ninth ward homes, we heard reports that there was race murder by whites all through the city.  I called all the jewish synagogues I could think of, and I told them that people were being put on trucks and never seen again. I was called crazy (as usual).
  Now, the truth is just starting to come out. As the hundreds of thousands of tea partiers show up for glenn beck and sarah palin (almost all of them living off of the government) to demand smaller government (for Black people) I am just sickened by all of it.  People are swallowing the Big Lie just like they did in Germany.  We are out of freedom, hope, brotherhood and jobs.  We have no army, no national guard, no protection whatsoever from predators, predatory lenders, predatory psychopaths. They killed the poor people in New Orleans, and then they killed ACORN.