why was obama given the presidency?:

To faciliate a move to the extreme right.  When white America gets a black president, their dormant racism can be awakened and used against them.  They will have race to blame for the fact that their money has been stolen by Wall Street and bankers, and their corporate shills. Then they can blame the entire “liberal” (union supporting) Democratic Party and vote for fascists like Palin and the tea partiers, all of whom work for Wall Street and have vowed to continue to rip off the American tax payer’s money by setting public policy against the Public.  They have successfully co-opted the actual concepts of the Boston Tea Party, and made it not about resistance to, but capitulation to a Ruling Class.  Their next step is to co-opt the civil rights movement and make it about killing Acorn, and other organs of civil rights for Black/working class people. 

  This was MLK’s real message, for which he was murdered—“This government must not be allowed to force working class people to fight rich men’s wars for oil in Vietnam.” Beck’s MLK day message:  “God bless the military industrial complex, without whom there would be no American Honor.”  He is reversing the work and the life of MLK, or trying to co-opt it on behalf of the rich white ruling class who continues to steal the future of America’s kids. 
   Glenn Beck talks about God all the time as he glorifies war.  I started to talk about this dangerous man many years ago, and sometimes I get so fucking pissed off because I am always about two years ahead of the curve and what I say is always called “crazy”–but then two years later, everyone is repeating my words and they are calling me “crazy” again. There is never a point where anyone says, “She said this would happen two years ago.” 
 When the leftist jews escaped the early death camps and returned to the ghettos to warn the jewish people of what was really happening to them there, the Jewish Councils made it their first order of business to call these people ‘crazy’.  I remember and honor them, the crazy ones who were right about the real goals of national socialism, the kind of war machine that Glenn Beck supports.
   Israel will attack Iran, and Israel will lose, just as the US has lost in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  I call upon Israeli and jewish women to tell their husbands fathers and brothers and sons not to attack Iran, it will be the end of our people and the world.