stop S510! Stop poisoning our food!!!

while the right-left debates about Glenn Beck and mosques, and blah blah blah, we are losing the right to clean organic real food!
Dear Senator,
KEEP A “HOLD” ON S.510! This bill is NOT a ‘noncontroversial’ bill that the Senate can sneak through as a unanimous consent action!
Your constituents and others all around the US, in our determination to protect the right of every American to clean, healthy, clearly labeled, unadulterated food, have brought strenuous objection to degrading our food supply and implementing the well-presented, but very dangerous Codex HARMonziation which the corrupt and dangerous FDA, USDA and other industry-led agencies are so eager to present to us as faits accompli.
Instead, we look to you to preserve our right to clean food, labeled to indicate pesticides, adulterants, GMOs and other dangerous ingredients and to make sure that S. 510, the mis-named “Food SAFETY Bill” is defeated through either inaction or a successful Nay vote and any similar bill is, likewise, defeated. This is a controversial matter that should not be pushed through the Senate by “unanimous consent.”
Among the dangers facing our food and our freedom is the FDA’s determination to destroy our access to high potency nutrients although guaranteed by the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Amendments and bills to do so, along with the FDA’s illegal Codex activities constantly threaten this freedom of choice. I look to you as my elected legislator to protect this right along with all other food and health freedom related ones.
I will be monitoring your activities on these issues closely. Thank you in advance for your work in the service of health and freedom. I take these issues very seriously and will vote on the basis of their support by my legislators and other elected officials.
The congressional majority leadership has issued its “short list” of bills it wants to push to passage before the August recess. S.510 is NOT on the list.
PLEASE PLACE OR KEEP A “HOLD” ON THIS BILL! Have your staff call the Senate Cloak Room staff and tell them this bill is, in deed, a controversial matter that should not proceed by unanimous consent.
I repeat: this is not a non-controversial matter that could pass the Senate as a “unanimous consent” item. Therefore, please place a “hold” on this bill so it does not “sneak” through the Senate.
This is a very important matter to me and I will keep track of your actions on this bad bill.
Yours in health and freedom,
Roseanne Barr–join this site and send this