Glenn Beck the Mormon Messiah:

There are no Black People in the Highest Degree of Mormon Heaven, the Celestial Kingdom.  Nor are there any unmarried women or unmarried (gay) men.  Each white male in Mormon Heaven will have three wives, and then begin to study in order to become the God of His own Planet!  (His three wives can be lesser Goddesses of the same planet).  THE MORMON GOD MEN WILL SAVE THE UNITED STATES’ CONSTITUTION FROM GODLESS JEWS AND ATHEISTS, BLACKS AND GAYS, IN THESE LATTER DAYS BEFORE ARMAGEDDON. 

 Thank you, Glenn Beck for attempting to save these united states along with Sarah Palin on behalf of billionaires like Rupert Murdoch. Without its billionaires and its homeless, and its toothless liberals like Obama, America would be a socialist paradise (your nightmare).
You are a prophet, Glenn, for without its vast military, the USA would be just another country, and not a supreme empire of fat overfed ignorant racist bigots on their way to Godhood!  glenn beck’s ‘dream’ is the same as sarah palin’s ‘dream’: more bankers more neo cons and more wars for christ.