here is my name on the jewish shit list (self hating israel traitors):

spelled incorrectly, of course, but—
Barr, Rosanne
  This Hollywood actress (hardly Academy Award material) and comedienne (really a loud-mouth bore!) and exhibitionist [get out your barf bag!] has made frequent references to her Jewish heritage to blast Israel as a “walled-in ghetto in the Middle East.” She failed to mention that the Arabs were responsible for the necessity of Israel becoming that military fortress!
   She also wrote an article (picked up by a number of certifiable Jew-hating / Israel-bashing sites) entitled, “On Being a Jew and Not Supporting Israel.” Here are some examples of her twisted mind from that article… 
“I am sick of Israel and I am sick of Zionists…The Jews are raised to be suicide bombers too [say what???], and that abusive cult-programming that is done to Jewish children, beginning with genital torture [translation: circumcism], remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned. There is no Israel really, and there will soon be no Jews, I fear, unless the promise of the covenant comes to pass.. the covenant states that free thought will allow the Jews to abandon their need for separatism [Oh, those clannish Jews!], their obsolete and archaic woman hating religion [if so, then why are so many rabbis women?] and join the struggle for human rights…”
   It is truly a shame that this deranged attention-getter has nothing better to do with her miserable existence.  It seems that everything she does sparks controversy. Take for example her disgusting 1990 rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner [more like a Star-“Mangled” Banner] at the San Diego baseball stadium (click Here for audio) followed by a spit on the ground and a crotch-grabbing!  Now there’s a patriotic woman for you.  One can only imagine how she’s sing Hatikva!