2010 July

24 Jul: everything that is alive:

Let’s help each other now.  Let’s help our neighbors and our friends and their families.  Let’s expand our love for our own family to include all the other families on earth, all of the earth’s children, and all of their mothers and all of their fathers.  All brothers and sisters together joining forces to attempt to survive the class wars continually being waged upon the American family.… Keep on reading

24 Jul: obama knows that the LEFT is the right's

most deadly weapon.  The left in america serves the right, and wall street, so the fact is there is no left at all within the democratic party, that was purged with Hillary’s ouster as the last of the rooseveltian thinkers.  Obama is very cynical when he tells the libs to keep it up–he is saying let’s continue to disfranchise the entire black working class in America.… Keep on reading