everything that is alive:

Let’s help each other now.  Let’s help our neighbors and our friends and their families.  Let’s expand our love for our own family to include all the other families on earth, all of the earth’s children, and all of their mothers and all of their fathers.  All brothers and sisters together joining forces to attempt to survive the class wars continually being waged upon the American family.

   Let’s create peace in our own homes this year, no more cheerleading for wars that break the back of our economy, taking money from our Troops and placing it into private hands.  Stealing the people’s money and giving them nothing at all back in the form of any kind of restitution, or punishment.  I call for the summary execution of all class criminals, proven guilty of bilking middle class America out of its shorts by telling it that all it has to do is think positive about negativity.  
   Peace, and equality and honesty, and abortion rights for all women in our country is what Sarah Palin is opposing, in the name of a “savior” who requires that all the Jewish People on earth die, and at the last minute are then given one more chance to accept Christ as their savior, or disappear from the earth.  I am a Jewish Person, and let me tell you something:  I know that Jesus Christ is a Jew, to this day.  He was never a christian, he could not hate his own people, despite what you Evangelicals teach.  You guys are snake handlers masquerading as Christians.  You are not rational Christian people such as the Presbyterians and the Methodists. You are more like Mormons and Scientologists than real followers of Jesus. You guys think the Jews are wrong, and they think you are wrong too…Jesus loved the Jewish People, as did his best friend, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (author of the Zohar).  He did not want the Priestess to be expelled from the Temple, as his own mother was a Priestess raised in the Temple from birth.  He did not like that Rome allowed no Women Priests (preistesses).
  If we lose abortion rights by electing anti feminist women this fall, we will be homeless and in burkhas within one year.  Do not let fascism, Islamo or Christo or Judeo come to these shores.  Not here.  Not in America.  Keep women free.  Keep our daughters free.  Do not go right anymore, it is WRONG TO GO RIGHT if you are a believer in mercy and G-d.