the more science the better, but only in

the hands of moral people.  This is the thing I am trying to say but it is passing over or under everyone’s heads:  Capitalism can work for the betterment of humanity, it is just a dice game, and the dice are always loaded, so it is not at all any kind of free market.  What would be the cure for everything wrong on earth?  Simply to make human betterment pay off!  The moneyed classes can bet on how long it will take two women to turn two chickens into sixteen chickens.  the one who guesses correctly how long that would take would get a payoff.  Everything can instantaneously be changed into working for Good.  Anything that works for the worsening of any tribe will be stopped immediately.  This is the way we can save our world.  These are the laws of the Iriquois women, those most evolved women, who once introduced true democracy to this continent, and to those who imagined the magna carta as Utopian.