the eastern star:

is the star of Esther.  Esther is the code name for Isis, the Goddess, who is being banished from the Torah, with the destruction of Lillith, the snake (satan).  The snake is the key part of the Torah.  To demonize the female, by making her into Lillith, who was once Esther, (Isis) disconnects her from her male side/energy intelligence. It imprisons her in her biological body, and that appears to be too animal for the Patriarchs, who also wish to dissuade men from accessing their female energy too, which is not helpful for total unending war between males. Males reward themselves by raping women in war, and their bloodlust is encouraged, as are their sexual impulses, through easily available porn, which is mostly about humiliating women, and children.

The male becomes more and more female, and is raising the Shekkinah up to meet Her Bridegroom.

  She returns now as a bright bright star who will point the way to the libraries of alexandria, and the liberation of truth from under all patriarchal burial, Roman entombment.  Get ready for Joy!