clinton was the victim of a witch burning

as were all of her supporters.  Insulted right to the faces.  I wrote of the feminist purge within the democratic party.  They all went rightward and more into the arms of big business.  Feminists are small business owners, by and large.  The lefty democrats  are like ted kennedy, moral cowards when the rubber meets the road, or slides across that road and crashes into the water. 

     I asked the Black women members of Acorn who were largely church goers if they believed in gay marriage and they all said no.  Acorn lost it’s funding because it’s members helped to pass 8 in California.  They could not be persuaded to leave their religion out of their own politics.  The line was completely blurred for women in america.  there is offically no difference between the army of the usa and god.  that is palin.  She is being used by pedophile preachers who preach against the words of christ.
   I asked cynthia mckinney to talk about Israel, and our interview is on this site–search it.