no more medicinal marijuana for me

I would rather get on the liver destroying mood elevators.  I need a new prescription now.  I quit now and am sober.  Get me off the rolls now.  I fear that my bi polar disorder might  really become exaggerated.  I feel like i am in gethsamane.  its harsh to realize that you did not bring the dream to fruition, and you never will.  Michael Jackson died in his sleep, remember!  I hear that is a great way to check out.  Dr kerorkian should look into prescriptions for that drug.  I am afraid of all drug users, some part of them is haywire.  there are too goddamn many haywires ticking like bald headed time bombs all over america.  Its as if the vision of charles manson is about to actually happen.  Everything is turning so dark for people, specifically women and their children.  The children are the ones who suffer the tortures of the damned.  I tried to hold it all up to the light.  I am taking a long break from blogging now….thank you all who have read my words and watched my videos!  see ya later aligator!