to oksana:

It’s good that you have pictures of your damaged teeth–all women need to get a pogo polaroid camera and take pics of the abusive marks left on their bodies by their partners.  (lots of men are being abused by women, too, and should do the same). 

  The shocking part is when Hollywood’s heavy hitters start defending the abusive people, and demonizing the women victims.  Hollywood allows men to do anything at all to women, to beat them, steal from them, lie to them, embezzle from them, enslave them and murder them too, and get away with it.
  The courts need to stop allowing abusive men custody of the children.  Many children are murdered by their out of control rageful fathers this way.  Mel gibson hit that baby and is now allowed to have visits with her still, after threatening to murder her mother. 
 Let me repeat my theory:  anyone who thinks they speak for god is bi-polar.  Bi-polars are people who are living a lie and keeping a secret.  They are usually violent and feel victimized by everyone, despite their wealth and success.  Their correction is to become only uni-polar.  Meditation helps you to rid yourself of the depressive end of bi-polar depression.  Read about it inside.