Hillary 2012

and it shall come to pass that the Christa was enshrined upon The Throne!  She is Logic and Dispassion and Elder Judgement.  She is the Woman for these times, and only she can bring america’s working class back.  She is Eleanor!  She is the woman for these times!  

  She was blamed and tricked and run out of what was rightly hers, by a confederacy of dunces who’s members in Aipac never forgave her for kissing the plo arafat.  They manuevered Leiberman into place and made it pay off twice…now that they cut their own throats they realized that they need her back in the fold.  Her husband is the most powerful man on earth right now.  She can fix the entire world and I trust that she wants to do so.  She is one of us, a believer in the power of women to fix and heal the systems of this world. She is Isis, and mother earth and wicca and the disco seventies to us old gals who still have money in the bank.  Our generation of women is having its retirement stolen out from under them and not one man speaks to this fact.  Hillary listens to women and that is what she must come home and listen to.  Return home to your country Hillary, and serve the women of America who gave you your career in politics.  Come home and deliver the promise you made to us!  We are the majority of this country’s workforce and the majority of the newly and about to be homeless.  Hillary, You Owe Us Big Time!  
   We women have to fix the world of women ourselves, as not one man in government anywhere is interested in the horrors that are being inflicted on women in this world.