axelrod is aipac

and so is emmanuel.  Aipac this is my message to you:  You have enriched yourselves at the expense of the women of your tribe!  I am the Jewish Crazy Horse!  My tribe is headed by lemmings.  I know how to make peace, I am Davidic! David means connected to the wisdom of Queen Goddess Cleopatra!  The wisdom of Cleopatra is raining down from heaven now, as She knew how to farm next to a river and build an equitable system, where workers were taken care of from the cradle to the grave.  Her slaves lived like Queens!  She headed the last matriarchal empire on earth, and after a few short centuries of patriarchal roman edict, like a snake who swallows its tail, She has subsumed the conquerer and become Immortal, entrenched, too late to stop Her Genius:  The Matriarchal Order Re-emerges, as programmed by R N A.  Holy Holy Holy!  

  Everything female is willing itself to live, just as everything male wills itself to die.  R N A, Immortality itself, the Mind of The All, refuge and rest.  The Beloved is dying, classical greek drama.