The NEO CON belief system of Palin and Mormons,

and Evangelicals, who are “Christian Zionists”….(This is taken from the internet, where so much of the comments from right and left about Jews are based on magical -Satanic- thinking, quite mythological, as if we are not human beings at all, but religious artifacts condemned to death)…
“God has always come to their rescue, the Red Sea…and many other times, it is all recorded in the Bible and even in history. At Armageddom when Israel’s enemies have surrounded her and even forsaken by the U.S., Israel will cry out to Jesus, they will finally realize He was and is their Messiah and the Lord Jesus Christ will come back with all the saints, riding on a white horse and will smite Israel’s enemies, the Antichrist and False Prophet. God will not be mocked.”
(this is what Christianity believes and why America’s Evangelicals are such “supporters” of the Jewish People and Israel…they support Israel ethnically cleansing all the Arabs from Jerusalem, and the “biblical lands” and after the Israelis finish, then the Christians will step in and kill all the Israelis with God’s help. Therefore, Europeans and Aryans will live happily on top of the bones of all the other incorrect religions, and the Christian Crusades will finally succeed!!! Christians will at last own Jerusalem…this is all in Revelations and the New Testament, though disguised).