the left is too idealogical to solve any embargo

or problem.. I suggested that they not make concrete part of their humanitarian effort, i begged them just to take food and medicine, but they could not allow themselves to really aid anyone or bring any end to the suffering of those they claim to care about. They are all busy launching websites and serving the old patriarchal blood oaths against the Jews.
We Jews must be one million Rachel Corries. We come to enter the circle and transform everything in it. The entire middle east is going to explode if we do not step forward. We need to march through those tunnels ourselves and help feed those poor suffering people. Bring them water from Deborah’s well, from Miriams well. they are jews too!!! it’s all just a simple labor issue not religious at all.
We will tell Obama that he must make peace, and revoke the neo con course that awards no bid contracts to private industries so they can make war on captive populations!
This is all a set up to kill the Jewish People! The world will not hear us now, not after what the government of Israel has done to those who share our own DNA.
There is no way to dismiss war from patriarchy! There is no way to continue the way we are going and live on this planet. We need to change, and see the light. we need to open our eyes and see what is right in front of our faces and not in heaven or the sky. (we know and we understand almighty god is a living man–bob marley).