from my friend Cathy:

Let there be Light. In the name of the presence of God, which I AM;
Thru the magnetic power vested in me I command:
I call to Michael the Archangel to cut all ties with what or whoever created this oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. As we cut the ties we call the violet flame to clean up the energy and let the force burn out thru the violet flame, the angelite energy to heal it. Now fill it up with so much love it is now reconnected to the Divine. Now we COMMAND it to be neutral. Call Divine Love, Peace and calming energy to flow thru this spill all the way down to it’s source. See it calming down as the force is cleansed by the violet flame. Keep chanting for Divine Peace, Love and calm to descend into the gusher NOW…..over and over again. Now we send a little energy so the Mother Earth moves and blocks the rest of flow.
See the gusher calming down, calming down and stopping completely. NOW.
Imagine vials of nariwa water a very high clean magnetic water floating everywhere in the gulf. We now command the water elemental to mirror this clean water. See big pockets of clean water forming filled with oxygen and clean food for the fish to survive on, as the angels are guiding the fish to these safe zones.
We call to those responsible for this oil spill, including those in our govt who are not acting on this.. . We ask you to now step forward into the Light of God, start speaking truth and stop interfering with the clean up. If you choose to continue to interfere I command your Higher self and your guardian angel to put you in a position of harmlessness NOw..allowing a Light Worker to take your place.
See the military being put to Divine use, and sent into the gulf to clean up the mess…NOW
from me: divine matriarchy descends.