Happy Memorial Day – Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin

Political discourse these days is all like Joe McCarthy slinging the the word “Communist” around, only now it’s replaced by the word Liberal (or, Socialist). The Mad Hatter is loving the tea party!
Through the use of repetition and diversion they’ve trained a critical mass of the masses to blame everything on everybody except those who are F-ing things up.
I look for the big sweeping truths that cover lots of ground. For ex: Big money trumps damn near everything. Duh! When you see guys like Bush and Cheney sitting atop the Private Sector dung heap AND the charade that passes for representative government for 8 years in a row, you know most people are going to lose ground. Guys like Glenn Beck are valuable to the Ruling Class elites and hence make giant dough. The reining queen of that configuration is Sarah Palin. Man, to just walk away from an elected office and into the big money without even finishing your term – her balls are like major planets! She hollers “Drill, Baby, Drill!” – her hubby works for BP, and yet, somehow, she points her finger at Obama and says that the spewing oil mess is HIS fault. That BP well isn’t the only thing gushing around the clock – Sarah’s a gall geyser! And the $100,000 speaking engagements are lined up one after another! You can’t make this stuff up!
Ever notice how Glenn Beck looks at her like a hungry Doberman eyeing a bitch in heat wearing pork chop pants?
Happy Memorial Day! (from Johnny)