a reader here writes:

All people who race-bait are hardcore demonic racists down to their DNA. This includes Keith Olberman, Glenn Beck, Barry Soetoro, Jimmy Carter, Rachel Maddow, Ariana Huffington. (RW does not necessarily agree with this list, but we support freedom of speech here).
All people who identify as “democrats” are hardcore racists. The democrats started the KKK and have been the secret cover for racism up to this day. Their entire platform is based on racism. The core message of the democrat party is and has always been that people with dark skin cannot think for themselves. You cannot be a democrat without being a racist who believes dark skinned people have fewer operating brain cells than you. People love to hide behind the illusion that picking one party over another serves as an advertisement to the rest of society that they are not racist. It is all about proving you are not a racist; which makes you one inherently.
Anyone who injects race into a discussion with someone who is fighting bailouts, fiat money, torture, and government drug running is a satanic racist.
If you remove authority from the scenerio, humans will do what is best for everyone. All race-baiters believe humans are trash and are not capable of doing the right thing. It is these monsters who will never ever do anything that is useful and helpful to humanity. They will always act to destroy that which they despise the most; their fellow humans.
No more democrats.
No more republicans.
No more party run governments.
No more government run party’s.
No more CIA.
No more MKULTRA mind control divisiveness.