a reader here writes: (natch)

Roseanne when you win the presidency (as I’m sure you would) Might I suggest that you put Ralph Nader in charge of Campaign finance reform. Fidel Castro Education and Health care and Me in charge of the Pentagon.
I will declare war on America’s Bullshit and Pedos and have the corps of engineers build Guillotines in every major city in america. (Reporations for native americans and any culture that was here before 1492).
I will unlock the secret UFO files and force ET to anal probe only the rich. I will declare a draft for the children of the rich and send them all over the world to fix the messes we fucked up. To clean everyones toilets and work in their gardens…. A Green corp!!
I will declaire every door way in america government property by eminate domain and allow the homeless to camp there hassle free. I will force mail or package deleverly services to give the workers long pants and make the CEO’s wear shorts along with Beanie and Ceicle hats with small propellorls mounted on top.
I will encourage every person to empty a large box and dig a hole to bury it. Giving every one the right to hide nothing and still keep it a secret from there friends and neighbors.
As you can see I’m just full of it… I mean them… good ideas.
Natch salutes your “Candidacy for the President” Madam.
All your minyons are ready to serve!!