thus saith forecrone woolf:

as a woman i have no country…my country is the poor women of this earth, and it is outside of the bounds of patriarchal order. I am a happily mentally unbalanced woman! the balance of this world hangs in bullshit and disorder! I will impose the order of the female mind–I am of THE LIBRARIAN tribe!–upon this dark and turgid turd of a word–religion.
I am going to teach a class on the elemental genius of mary daly.
My true life’s goal was to be a teacher and go to college, but I was dyslexic and had an eating disorder–dyslexia anorexia,(lol) and I could not focus my attention on just one thing long enough to read it, or understand it at all. I was resistant to education because of my disorder. I did not like to stop focusing on the ridiculousness of things, and on time and space and odds and patterns and how to call that into speech,language and the written word, and when forced to think of boring things instead, I would get jittery and anxious and be unable to “concentrate”.
everything in my childhood was about the speeches of eleanor roosevelt.
I am going to give the speech of my life on mother’s day in dc lafayette park. shopping for an outfit–what kind of look goes with redefining female divinity? let me know you other loudmouthed b/w-itches out there!
My mission and my ministry begin.