the only differences between me and sarah palin:

1-I do not want to see all the Jews in Israel dead.
2-I do not want to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
3-I do not feel I am “entitled” to “special treatment” or “extra federal money” for my ‘special needs” child.
4-Since I take NO money from the big bloated socialist government, unlike Sarah Palin, who has lived on the big bloated socialist government money for decades now, I lack the gall to go around telling other people that they cannot have what I have.
-(those lazy welfare recipients, like Sarah Palin are a bunch of socialist hypocrites and liars).
5-I do not hang out with politicians, pedophiles and con men, racists or people who hate the bill of rights and the Constitution of this country. Traitors to this country are not good friends of mine.
6-I actually have a conscience and a connection to The Almighty.
7-My daughter did not have an out of wedlock baby in her teens, right under my nose, because despite the fact that I had hundreds of employees at the time, I spoke to my daughter honestly and knew about her problems first hand. I made sure to protect my daughters and got them birth control, so that they would not have to have abortions, unlike the daughters of Sarah Palin fans, whose daughters have more abortions than any other demographic.
8-I was never a beauty queen who felt good parading around in a bathing suit and high heels in front of creepy men who judged my body. I looked like crap in a bathing suit, like most decent American women do, and even if I did look good in one, I wouldn’t have paraded my ass around like a mindless sex bot in front of beuaty pageant types, who are largely degenerates and thieves.
9-Even though I hated Bush, I still never encouraged people to shoot at him, like The Good Christian Woman Palin encourages unbalanced nitwits in her vicinity to do to Obama. She probably hates him because he was elected, and not “chosen” by “activist judges” on the Supreme Court, and by Right Wing Mormons who own the voting machines, Dieboldt Inc.
10-I defy power, and she serves it on her knees.
What is the same between me and Sarah Palin? We are both comics.
I am funnier though, because I write my own shit.