obama drove a stake thru reaganism's heart

Even though most of us feel that he did not go far enough, he has succeeded in driving the god of the vampires out of the Temple. Now, at least there will be light inside, so that all vampires will have to flee. Next the money changers and the pedophiles, hopefully!
Jewish mythology says that when the Messiah comes, there will no longer be any religion or money systems. There will be justice and peace. Before that happens, though ghouls and charlatans and false messiahs will go wild screaming about the collapse of the world and Armageddon as the tower of babylon falls to the ground.
The end of the story goes like this: A female resonance will return to the shared consciousness of all humanity, as it once existed until it was completely snuffed out two thousand years ago, with the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem.
That female resonance, called the holy dove by christianity, is the re-interpretation of pre-christian Judaism’s concept of the Sabbath Bride, “The Shekkinah.”
That concept is itself the re-interpretation of the Babylonian Myth of Isis, and her son Osiris, who also rises from the dead. At the heart of christianity and judaism and Islam is this thought, buried under patriarchal reversal: She will return to us and bring us peace, but first, the dismantling of the total state of war. (military industrial complexes- commonly referred to as patriarchy).
I am watching all of this unfold in the world’s mind’s eye.
exciting that the web of life knows how to spin itself out of slavery and into freedom and immortality!
raish nun aleph. happy passover. no bread or yeast next week. matzoh, the perfect carb of the future. Behold the unfolding of the story of aleph shin tov raish (est(h)er-ishtar).