thinking about how terrible

it would be to lose a child for any reason, accident, illness, murder, mental illness or suicide. It seems it would either galvanize you or destroy you. Sometimes, though when your heart is broken, it’s also at it’s most open, and something new and better can come in to heal it. I see Marie Osmond as a decent and strong woman, who can make a huge change in her sphere one day.
The Mormon church reversed its ban on African American members, and it can also reverse it’s gay agenda. Marie is the kind of person who can make that her life’s work, and accomplish it. Mormon women are some of the world’s strongest women. Marie is going back to work in her Las Vegas show the day after her son’s funeral. She is that strong in her focus and determination, and I do admire that. Good Luck on all you do, Marie. You have so much power to turn the wrong things around!
It’s time for all bigotry to be gone.