The purge of gays from BYU:

As the purge continued into 1976, BYU security sent officers and volunteers to Gay bars in Salt Lake City to record the license plate numbers of cars with BYU parking stickers on them. One student who got caught during this purge attempted suicide. When taken to the hospital, medical personnel reported him to BYU security, who in turn informed his bishop and his wife of the situation. In a joint effort between Utah County Sheriff’s officers and BYU security during March 1976, fourteen men were arraigned in Pleasant Grove (near BYU) on charges of ‘lewdness and sodomy’ at two freeway rest stops. One of these men shot himself two days after his arrest. During surveillance of these rest stops, officers documented more than 100 men, many of whom were from BYU, who were “believed to engage in homosexual activity” there.