seeing all of those people standing with candles

in san diego at another memorial for a dead kid killed by a sex offender makes me wonder about the way this country really works. Our injustice system is a joke. People need to take the law into their own hands, (create their own justice system) since they are regarded as prey by everyone from congress to insurance companies, television, movies and almost everything else.
The strong prey upon the weak, and are encouraged to do so. Might makes right in America, and that is called “freedom”.
That hulking monster that killed Chelsea King, was released after serving only five years in prison for an attack on another young (thirteen year old) girl. Five years, and yet pot smokers are in federal prison for up to thirty years!
Gardner should lose his life at the hands of an angry mob and a guillotine. He should have a fair trial, and not one heavily weighted in his favor.
When there is no law and no justice, the only thing left for people is mob violence, and I really think that has been factored into the equation by the prison industrial complex. Cheney’s companies are rubbing their hands together and salivating at the thought of mob violence, as that would allow them to make mass arrests and imprison whole groups of people for profit. The mass arrest of decent citizens who have had enough of the state protecting child murderers, and who take matters into their own hands will be the perfect American reaction.
Men have become completely degraded here, and stand impotently while innocent children are picked off the streets by degenerates. There is law and there is LAW.
Where are the men to protect us? Isn’t that what they are here to do? They have been psychically castrated by capitalism and made into weak and simpering wimps who are incapable of doing what men are supposed to do. Are they are completely useless to their own families and communities now? Cheney salivates and rubs his hands together, thinking that he can arrest more of them now and keep them in prison for doing anything to protect american streets from monsters poised to prey on the helpless.
The article in the la times today about chelsea king’s murder actually includes these words: “She lived behind gates and was the all american girl, and now no one is safe anymore.” Do these people know how sick that sounds to everyone else on earth?
For the last ten years, young girls in mexico have been killed by the hundreds and nothing has been done about it at all. (Juarez, the serial killers valhalla).
How many young girls have died at the hands of our soldiers in Iraq? How many Palestinian school girls by Israelis? It seems only when it happens to a white middle class american girl does anyone say or do anything. it’s beyond sick, this war on women and girls and all of life itself, including the biosphere!
Chelsea King may be the perfect martyr for men to realize that they are responsible to take care of their own, and stop thinking about dog eat dog and all that other useless shit that capitalism breeds in people.
it’s time for a new age now. I hope Chelsea King is the last martyr of a criminal patriarchal injustice system. It will not change until MEN organize to change it. It is not women’s job, but men’s if they ARE men at all.