guillotine all pedos first offense

death for child abuse, first offense, sexual or otherwise. America is based on killing and the military indus. complex now…so, let’s just start killing our own people before we go overseas to kill people. Let’s start with war on child abuse and pedos…that way our economy can still work like it already does, but we would be doing a good thing for society, instead of just for contractors! The worst offenders, and first to die: religious molesters who not only get away with it, but who are compensated by our tax money. Next, teachers, doctors, cops, etc….anyone in position of secular authority. This will create jobs and send a message…if churches do not turn over their pedos to get killed, then they not only lose their tax exempt status, but they have to pay the taxpayers back for the years of rape they allowed. Parents who shield their pedo children need to die too. talk about stimulus!!! America likes to kill so lets kill the guilty first, instead of the innocent in other countries.