ode to my rifle:

thank god that a country on earth existed where guns were easily gotten by the citizens and militias of that country! Don’t tread on me!! Freedom!
I would give these bastards a tea party let me tell you! and I am going to do so!
that sarah palin is a religio manchurian stepford wife for bankers and oil men like her husband todd, who is hot as hell. he would look good in cowboy boots and a little leather jacket. she should fix her husband up better if she wants to become the president of these united states, I figure! I bet he hangs around with that whole tiger woods bunch of whoremongers! I want to become a madame, all of my life that is what I have really wanted to do. to be the madame in a grande brothel where the contractors meet, and the art of prostitution(fleecing a john) is practiced. Why they won’t legalize that astounds me, esp. in hollywood where there are some old men who may not want to marry a yoga teacher or have more kids, just to be able to have sex with younger women….aged 24 and up. I could so design that house! I would make sure that the contracting prostitutes were rewardly handsomely for their tireless devotion to the house. I am going to design that now.