asking for forgiveness:

i sure hope people can forgive me the shit I have done. I have tried to make things right everywhere that I could.
I forgive G-d the harm he has caused the people of this earth too. He thinks they are not bowing down to him and praising his old ass enough, it says right there in his book of books that he himself wrote with holy letters!
Well, he didnt count on one roseanne cherri barr who dares to tell him the truth though, did he? She was a pirate and a godwrestler both! she said, ‘hey god, do what you are supposed to do for once and do it right now! stop being codependent and blaming everything that happens on the smallest of us. You are a bully. I don’t like bullies. You had better get your bad cop satan off a my ass. move him. thank you! Get a better act, G-d, the old one is ridiculous. I will write the new one myself if you cannot find one other woman to do it instead. It needs to be said and so I will say it, as it also says in your books.
I like this one though, it gives me a reaction and that is the point, the evolutionary point. If you get a physical reaction to a certain word or group of words, you are still free of mind control!!!!
I choose to leave egypt.
in her whole life, she has wanted to write her own interpretation of torah, and she has now done so. she is quite happy about this major achievement. every jew is supposed to do this in their lifetime, according to the women in my family who knew the real secret of the secret code.
We lead the men, not vice versa!