the karma of ted kennedy

and how he betrayed Hillary, because he didn’t like Bill Clinton, comes home to roost. When Ted backed Obama, he knew that single payer would go down the tubes. He knew that the years of building a democratic base to get health care passed would be erased. She was THE ONLY candidate who had a plan for Universal Health Care, despite all of her other flaws. Obama is OWNED by big money and always has been. The faking populist is just a tanned George Bush.
Kennedy drowned another woman, and therefore ALL american women (at least the working kind).
Note to Jon Stewart: I like the way you pretend that this country is a two party democracy! It isn’t. It’s actually an oligarchy, but because the Powers that Be let you get away with impotent joking around with right wing fascists, (while always supporting the military, just like Bill Maher does) it sometimes appears that there is hope for justice here. LOL! You are funny!