all of the suffering in haiti is the fault of the same

people who caused the stockmarket crash, and who attacked Iraq, and who attack afghanistan, and started every war.
How bankers can go about their lives, and their concerns is a mystery, unless you accept the idea that there really are living ghouls and vampires, that it is not a fantasy that the undead exist.
They have no concern for the suffering they cause at all, because they are psychopaths, and psychopaths have no conscience nor do they have the mental ability to connect cause with effect.
People who work for Goldman Sachs are all evil and should immediately take themselves out of this world. Goldman Sachs is an evil parasitic entity that must be destroyed.
Every Shabbat I meditate for the immediate and painless death/ removal of all who sit on its board.
The world must be cleansed of vampires ghouls, pedophiles and psychopaths. Join me in this meditation. False prophets will tell you that you have no power against evil, and that it will always exist. These false prophets are not on your side. We must use law against law, higher mental ground against lower. We have the right to remove those who oppress the innocent, and who are evil. If we do not remove them, we become them. It’s like a virus, a bacteria that must be cured, must be destroyed if we ourselves want to remain healthy, and live free.
All evil people can be removed from the earth without war, without bloodshed, without revolution.
Claim the real estate between your ears, and then learn how to direct your will to a chosen “target”. This you can learn by meditation. (IN RED ON THE RIGHT OF THIS BLOG).
We have already won, know that. The veil has been lifted, we see behind the screen now. The little man who operates the illusion of Oz has been exposed. The Wizards of Wall Street are impotent little hucksters.
After you move your money to credit unions and local banks, take loans from them for green community gardens, and qualify for stimulus money. Teach kids how to farm and garden, let the kids learn how to survive without dollars. Barter is the way we will survive the ethnic cleansing, and gang turf war that is coming to america.