Torah tells us that there is no G-d

That He exists only in a book.
It tells us that we can Have a G-d, and that G-d is truth, and scientific provable fact.
It tells us that there is only one system of Justice, and that slaves create it.
It tells us to use concision of Language in order to bring down Babble On.
It tells us that the Mother, The Dove, The Female Storyteller is Living Torah in all Tribes.
It tells us too that within each generation, a new Story must be written from the Old, and It commands us that each of who who are Living Torah write a new portion for the times. That I have done, using the Kabbalistic Meditation, called “Approaching the Throne, and Ascending the Throne.”
This has not been allowed to women for centuries, and I have Liberated Holy Secrets on behalf of The MOTHER-RIGHT.
The Jewish Woman Bears the Karma Of Sinai! We must accept our destiny now. Our destiny came at mount sinai six thousand years ago when we refused to give up our nose rings to the men to fire and create the Golden Calf. We realized that Old Gods could be cast off. We gave birth to that school of thought, are the daughters of Binah, Dinah.
Here we go–now we must remake the world, get rid of banking and replace it with barter! real green revolution is coming of neccessity, whether we want it to or not, no matter how we vote, and no matter whom we know.
Or we will simply starve to death, as they are forced to do now in Africa, North Korea, China, and like they were forced to do in Russia and Poland.
That your husbands and brothers are bankers is your karma to fix, jewish women, and no one else’s. End this charade, apply Torah to the Economic system.
We need to create the perfect formula based on human need, instead of competition. The Torah is all the Law ever needed, and simply by discarding what is not humanistic in its stories, we are creating a more sublime jewel that contains only truth, like this one: Charity is the Foundation of Malchut!!!
Torah is a Living Hologram, Prophecy Its Tool! It is a Code, written by a woman, “J” and compiled by another woman, “R” the redactor. The oral tradition upon which Judaism was based, was told by Grandmothers, and not by any men. With the printing press, the stories were recorded, and changed, each becoming a ponzi scheme of some type to launder money and spoils. But the Oral Tradition, Kabballah, was saved by Yeshua Bar Miriam, and by his best friend, Shimon Bar Yochai, both students of Rabbi Akiba, who’s father was a convert to Judaism. The written manuscript was discovered in Spain, by a trader in religious relics, Moses De Leon, who also was involved with printing press businesses (desemination of the word).
The writing down on paper of the Oral Traditions of the Tribe of David-Batsheva (all that is left of Cleopatra’s dna) ushered in this entire age. It is the sixth age of intellect.
She now commands that we not remove our gold, and copper to sell to China! NO COPPER TO CHINA for their buildings, economy etc. without some fair trade blow back to the American citizen, worker and taxpayer. Our continent has the copper!!