cleopatra is eve

in the torah. all hail the rebirth of the libraries of the queen in alexandria. I knew she would bury those books deep. she was the original designer of temples, of creating sacred space. She was born and bred to know about holy space and their concepts of justice, and commerce. It’s almost a religion with me, how into her whole life story and history of her I am. i am like a cleoptra groupie. I actually do believe that elvis was her reincarnation too, I am officially a crackpot granny, probably paranoid from all of the illegal marijuana that I had to get a prescription to marijuana to get off of, but thank god now I am sober, according to aa. i am officially full of shit. joyous noel!
I am an unmedicated sufferer of Bi-polar disorder. I use God as my Higher Power, and I pay the wages of sin. I find meditation is the best help of all. Learning to moniter the beats of my heart and to breathe in synch with them is about all I can handle anymore. My circuitous thoughts have all been re-arranged into one working assembly line that serves my community. This is what a decent human being would do, if there was such a thing, I reckon. I am trying to create a better human within myself, from just the little bit of muscle and bone I was given, and commnaded to create God out of. Pep up the trim, I say, feathers and gloss!!!