i cannot decifer the modern age.

i have lost my cypherin powers. I have learned to douse water though. My mental soup is boiling. I realize that I am still divided and always will be. There are three of me, and three of all women.
It seems to me that all the congressfolk are nothing but a bunch of brand spokespeople. The mothers of this country who are losing their homes and possibly also a child to war or gang violence here at home, the mothers that no one in Washington DC sees even pictures of in their day to day lives, unless it is to have a menial task performed at their behest, the mothers of the suffering are in my prayers, and my thoughts this season.
american mothers must come together, right left, middle straight gay white brown red yellow jew christian mormon muslim atheist and deliver a message about schools and hospitals on april 1 2010 in washington dc…i will be there giving a speech either alone, or with you there. Join me in my ten million fed up american bitches march!
schools not bombs!
Be Smarter than the Chinese!
Levy an International Import/Export
Port Tax
the rich can start to acquire soul points instead of money as their incentive! They do not want to go to hell, and I do not want to see them there. It is no fun, I have had a glimpse of that hell, the kind where you end up broke, rebuked and embarrassed through little or no fault of your own, and lets just say its not for me if i can help it.