cow mutilations

are the way the american satanists scare the children they molest into staying silent about pedophilia. The Satanists are in Business with the Churches and the Insurance Companies!!!
Kabballah tells us that any religion that references a dark lord is satanic, negative and necrophiliac-pedophile-patriarchal ( “power over” instead of “power from within to transform”) we will transform babylon, we who know what is coming. we stand now as witnesses to the death of death, of satan, of darkness. LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!! (hanukkah is not about hannah’s seven martyred sons, nor is it about the maccabbees, it is about the mind of male and female merging and becoming female! the tree of life. it grows in two directions, as above so below. baruch hashem!
happy sagitarius! if you don’t shop, the war will end.
–(crackpot granny 12-12-09).
Palin is 2012, the end of the world, armageddon