jane velez mitchell

You are completely loony girlfriend!! that’s why I love you and your show! Joy, you are a scream and of course, miss nancy g. in atlanta is the icon of this new century!! the oracle of grace….wendy williams is a for real good good human being, that was nice to see!!! well, thanks, ny, brian from heeb and scott pelligrino, (the man who knows where the bodies of the city’s greatest artists are buried). special thanks to Judy Henderson, Scott Elliot, ethan hawke and to phillip seymour hoffman (i dyslex over that name all the time—i said: seaman phillips hoffmore!!) thanks natasha lyonne (sp) scott and tommy the writer and thanks cooklikejames.com, and thanks most of all to F. MURRAY ABRAHAM A GREAT ACTOR WHO TOLD ME HE CONSIDERS ME THE BRAVEST WOMAN IN ALL OF SHOW BUSINESS!!! DUDE I WANT TO COME SEE YOUR SINGING DEBUT AT CARNEGIE HALL ON JAN. 15!!!! GOOD LUCK BROTHER! (what an actor, he is my absolute fave for ammadeus). his evil looks were gen-i-us. sandy i am sorry i did not get a minute to call, and Mooney you better call me, bro. Your book needs to be a screenplay let me write it!!! thanks to cindy adams too…i want to be her. also, i almost met woody allen, laurie tried to force me to go say hi, but soonyi was sitting with him and it’s too jewish for me to go there right now. I did see my boyfriend al sharpton looking thin and dapper, like a statesman. david mamet’s play was very very ny jewish…a reaching out and moving apology to the black community, from the jewish. it was owed, and I hope received. david allan grier is a tad of an asshole in real life, but great great great in this play. Kerry Washington was feisty as hell and I loved her shoes! She walks well in heels and plays a stoney cold gen y bitch real well, reminds me of my own daughters! did not call my editor trish who is barreling down on me like a mother bear. she is demanding my full attention and shall have it in hawaii. trish, you did great with paul’s book, black is the new white. paul is my god. paul is my hero, paul needs to do a play on race in nyc! laurie i love and miss you your kids are dolls, thanks for the private club drink around real new york actors! You are going to conquer ny and show them how it is done, I just know and feel it!