I want the christians to know jesus!

they do not know him, they only follow false flag religious leaders, who have sold their souls to satan and repeat what they are programmed to repeat. they are not prophets. I am a prophet. I see the future, this means that I am mentally ill. I am proud to be so, because talking to G-d is a rich and rewarding experience that I wish everyone would try! You can do it by meditating. Jesus taught the women to meditate. The meditation that he taught is kabbalistic, and is called “Ascending the Throne”. It is what I have interpreted here on rw, click on the meditation in red letters. the meditation requires the burning of a red candle, on Hanukkah, the first night, when Hannah steeled herself that all seven of her sons were going to be tortured to death in front of her and she must still not deny her G-d. the meditation for transcending limitations of mind, is the very same thing that abuse causes: the power to dissociate from the reality before you. The space ship lifts up, and hovers, then flies off. It gathers the information from the cosmos and returns with the new patterns of rna, it then evolves and later, in the third saturn return, it wills itself to be spoken. i think therefore i am. i am that i am.