battling repiglicans tomorrow:

I have let the pigs know psychically this scorpio moon, that I have devised a plan for their containment. It will all be mental,as I do not think that I can handle seeing another dead mother pig, as happened on my land.
The Hawaiian People are very Hawaiian. They honor the pigs that they hunt and kill by using every possible part of the animal. Wild pigs taste too wild for me. I have stopped eating meat after seeing the death of an animal. I will eat chocolate though, no matter who or what has to die. The pit bulls chase and surround the animal, who runs in the opposite direction as her children, in order to save them. The dogs surround the beast and then the hunter must with one clean shot to the heart with his sword, end her terror. Afterward, the dogs were thanked, and allowed to run free to calm themselves down from the bloodlusting until they came back calmed and tired, and sat at the Hunters’ feet. The Hawaiian men then talked to me in a circle formation about the sadness of killing, about the beauty and intelligence of the animal, and then of course, I brought up….the subject of why I just love the Hawaiian People and will leave my nutfarm to the royal family of hawaii upon my death…Pele is Mother Nature. Pele i return to you goddess of rna!