the heritage foundation is purging the word of christ

from it’s new bible. They are rewriting the bible to make it more business friendly, exactly the thing that Jesus knew would happen when church and state join hands, and what he was fighting to prevent. He did not want a church, because he did not want the church to pay tax. That way the Priest class could be allowed to operate in order to stay true to the torah, and have a land which is based on justice and taking care of the poor.
He picked women to teach the meditations for how to increase the nurturing qualities in small amounts of food by using the power of the mind to align with its fellows/sisters. he taught mental unity, and told us a unified mind was the divine mind.
the roman way of giving charity was not congruent to the judaic way of giving charity. The jews gave ten off the top to the poor, but the romans wanted the ten off the top to go to them, so that the jews were then getting ten percent less than ten percent before they could do business of any kind.
but– any money coming from rome to judea would be coming off the back end. The Romans had stolen the Egyptian army’s secrets, and built weapons with the plundered loot of Cleopatra, and all of Africa before her.
the Priests had to give up the booty to Rome, and they did and that pissed Jesus off. He was a shaman a brahmin and a mensch to boot, that Jesus, the rabblerouser union organizer, idealist, and a ( father a Levite, mother a Cohen in the Miriamic Tradition…moses sister miriami was a prophet ) Priest. the whole begats thing is to prove lineage to eve, the second woman G-d created). the first woman was only an energy. Her energy was too strong for the man god and so he put her into check by making the man dominate in the physical realm, bigger and stronger than she was. Therefore her realm was the realm of the ether, the vapors, the mental, the hidden the veiled the unseen. she was to be kept as far away from of thought, as possible, because her thoughts at their highest point are always physical, and rarely visionary. It was easy to program her to serve church state husband and children through the use of snakes, as the snake is the element of the rogue male, that which she cannot resist . what is the snake? the snake is a mascline power that wielded in a woman’s hand can unleash terrible terrible destruction. the better way is for the male to wield the power of the female. their fatal flaw though, is that they cannot learn from a woman, because they cannot bear to hear her voice, shrill and unpretty and unflattering as it is. You are the god you deserve.
this is happening now as men see into cyber, the great and magic mirror.