if i was mrs tiger woods:

I would wait til that f*cker fell asleep and then I would hit him with a bag of dirty sweat socks right in the kisser. I would add ex lax to his soup and things of that nature. I would hunt down some of the bitches that slept with my husband knowing full well that he was a married man, and I would call them low down street whores and what have you. Then, I would file for divorce and take half of that stupid bastards money and kick his ass to the curb. Even were he to then buy me a 900karat diamond to wear on my finger signifying his humiliation, and his heartbroken apology of fidelity and trust, and take his rotten ass back again I would say, hey shove it tiger, I aint one of your no class whores and then I would walk out and hit his car with a golf club and then leave with the dogs and the kids, and his mother. go elin!!!!