i will not be at kpfk today at three:

so my dear friend whom I have taken under my tutelage, christine blosdale will be attending to all matters telestial on the people’s airwaves, as I must prostrate myself today at the feet of the rupert murdoch company and beg Mr. Murdoch to approve my hiring at fox, or whatever it is that is required of a fat old crackpot granny leftist trying to tell the people how they are getting their money stolen from them by fat cats on the in and the up and up. I think i may be finished in tv. oh well. i think i am also finished on the radio, and the only thing i have is the internet, which i fear means that “net neutrality” will pass the senate and be approved by Obama. Obama hear me this: I am praying for you to do what it is you must do to stop the foreclosures and implement single payer. That is why you are sitting in the lap of luxury there in washington dc which I am sure you are quite humbly aware. You must agree that the us needs to continue a war in afghan. in order to have a hedge against china in the future. You are listening to the same fortune tellers that nancy and ron and the bush family and the clintons listened to. Just explain to us why this is so! Let us hear the real argument for and against and make up our own minds.
the common man deserves the common decency of the common truth…(“crackpot granny “-09 tm)