meditation is the way for abused kids to heal themselves:

When you are abused as a child, you do not know you are being abused. You think your parents are just doing what all parents do. You do not know wrong from right. You are taught always to blame the blameless and to hold the guilty unnaccountable. these things you learned,as a child helped you to function in an upside down world, where you were a slave to someone else. such is the story of jacob, and his ladder into meditative clarity. (genesis).
As an adult, you have more freedom, and living with freedom contradicts, and makes obsolete the idea of slavery, and it destroys it. After you are freed from the mind of slavery, you must rewire that mind to exit the lower mind. (exodus).
You can never be master or slave again. You are free now. freedom means slaves write the laws. slaves who are now free. You must learn to rewire the negative synapses in your brain that were caused by abuse. this allows you to leave fear behind you, and where fear goes, depression follows. You must learn how to turn the negatives into positives. You do not have to get rid of the negatives, as churches tell you to do. (the d-evil is religion). You can just learn to use your negatives to fight other negatives, and that way you are increasing the positive! this is the dawning of the age of aquarius! (sign under which the messiah is born).