rabbi shimon bar yochai channelled the zohar. The Priests changed this fact into a story, this one: “Jesus Christ had a ministry”. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai under threat of arrest by Rome, retreated to a cave in P’quin along with his son, Rabbi Eleazer, where they hid for thirteen years in a cave, right after Rabbi Shimon’s best friend, Rabbi Joshua Bar Miriam was arrested for declaring: “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS THE GODLY WAY. THE STATE IS ALWAYS ABOUT WEALTH AND WAR, AND GOD IS NOT, HE IS ABOUT MEDITATION AND CRITICAL THINKING AND FACT. THERE IS NO HIGHER TRUTH THAN THE TRUTH.
for this he was killed as an enemy of both church and state. Rabbi Shimon buried himself into the earth where he negated the physical aspects of the body. He chose a cave underneath a fig tree, with a spring running through it, and left his head out to drink and to eat. In the thirteen year meditation that he and his son entered into, they rose above all physical limitations to become only mind, only prophetic mind. I visited the cave and began to receive the gift of prophecy, the ability to see into the future, which is in fact the past. there is no present past or future in spiritual time. this is now. Knowing that it is now and that you can talk to god and receive a direct answer to your prayers simply by taking even the smallest action in the physical world is a joyous mind-energy to experience. god told me to tell people that the zohar says the jews will change. It says that some jews cannot change, because they are angels, and not souls. Angels cannot change, and are here in this realm, only to test the souls. they have no karma, they are sent by G-d to try to nullify the sparks of divinity within each soul. God is a trickster, he is the void, he is nothing he is all, he is EVERYTHING. THERE IS ONLY ONE EVERYTHING AND IT IS GOD. GOD IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE UNITED…(the message of moses). God is not the book about god.