aipac muzzles any truthful dialogue about israel:
it does not serve american jews to censor any and all critisism of israeli policy and military action. Jews are critical thinkers, despite their religious indoctrination, and this makes us different from any other religious group. To shut down critical thinking in our culture is the worst offense anyone including hitler, stalin, or any of the anti semitic popes ever even thought of doing. We are thinkers, and seekers of justice, we are moral revolutionaries and idol smashers! Aipac is nothing more than a lobby for arms dealers caught in an unholy alliance with right wing talibangelical anti semites, who’s greatest hope is the day the last jew in israel is dead so that Christ will return to them. Christ (their unholy version of him) can only return when the war of armageddon kills every jew in Israel. This is the religous hope of those whom Bill Kristol (aipac) grovels at the feet of. When I pointed this out,to Israeli government officials, I was told “We don’t care what the christians believe, we need their support!”