from a reader here:

“Oh Roseanne, about the 9/11 truthers…that’s their movement and they’re allowed to have that. For many it affects them psychologically every single day of their lives. While health care is a very important issue, there is allowed to be other topics of discussion and focus. For someone who promotes getting past the BS to the truth, mental stability and wellness through medidation, and not to mention blogs about her own conspiracy theories your statement is rather ignorant.”
RW RESPONSE: IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT THE WHOLE PICTURE AND START TALKING ABOUT EVERY PART OF IT. Of course I am not talking about the actual people who were in the buildings or their families, but about the people who have chosen this issue as their one and only political concern in the world. I am sick of their attacks on the bravest man in the world, noam chomsky, whom it seems they seek to silence and destroy. Why? In whose interest is that? just sayin’