the 9/11 truthers movement

sure attacks chomsky alot! why? Because he says there are more pressing things, like CLASS WARFARE and the robbing of american jobs and coffers and unceasing wars? 911 truthers seems stuck in time, and ignore what we could be doing right now!!! Such as hitting the streets to demand our president pass single payer!! sometimes I think 911ers are cointelpro. could it be? Chomsky says there are more important things and i agree. 911 truthers seem to be pretty middle class and well off, just sayin’. We all know that bush and co. are terrorists, so what the hell is the big fat deal, whether they blew up the buildings where the enron and anderson papers/files were stored or not? That is NOT the worst thing they did! Look at south america since iran contra!! get a clue!!! get a big fat non middle class, non conspiracy theory clue! If you can prove it then take it to court! You should have enough evidence by now! You guys are taking away the focus and energy at a dangerous dangerous time for the world! shit or get off the fucking pot, ROSIE!