insurance salesman are sleazier than used car

salesman, and everybody knows it. Most of them can’t get real jobs because they have prison records for being flim flam men or perverts and pedophiles or alcoholics or drug addicted fired radio jocks like Glenn Beck was before he became the national butt boy for successful ponzi scheming insurance salesmen. These are the low life scum that are buying our congress and making the laws that decide which sick people go to the left and which sick people go to the right for the gas. Shun bankers and insurance salespeople at church and synagogue and in your children’s schools. They need to get retrained for real jobs instead of allowed to be the human parasites that feed on the waste of society to turn a profit off of the misery and suffering of their neighbors! harry reid leiberman and joe biden, are all insurance salesmen’s little bitches. OUT!!! OUT!!! of office and take cowardly nancy pelosi with you!!!