hey Obama!

DO THE RIGHT THING. YOUR OWN MOTHER WANTS YOU TO DO THE THING THAT MOST CREATES PEACE, AND JUSTICE AND INTEGRATION. THAT MEANS SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE AND YOU KNOW IT. WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY GOT YOU DOING, BARACK? do not and i repeat do not piss off the grandmothers of america who put you where you are today. Don’t be that stupid. Don’t piss in our faces and tell us its rain, child!! You got the billions to bail out private contractors and bankers from us!! We want something back for our money! We want the health care that you and every member of the government have, that undocumented workers and soldiers have! We are paying for all of you to have what you deny us?! what kind of bullshit is that? stop the bullshit obama!